TITAN HT330/400 HydroSeeder®

The revolutionary new Titan HydroSeeders® provide more performance, more power and more productivity than ever before. Designed to improve overall user experience and outperform all other units with ease, the Titan provides the unique features demanded by industry experts and required to meet today’s challenging applications.

Tier IV Final
Skid Mount Only

Loads per Acre
HT330: 1*
HT400: 0.82*

Working Weight
HT330: 40,677 lbs. (18,451 kg)**
HT400: 46,935 lbs. (21,289 kg)**

John Deere 4045HFC09 Tier 4 Final Diesel, 173 HP (129 kW)

Tank Size
HT330: 3,000 gallon (11,356 L) work capacity / 3350 gallon (12,681 L) liquid capacity
HT400: 3,600 gallon (13,627 L) work capacity / 3,975 gallon (15,047 L) liquid capacity

Centrifugal: 6" x 3" (15.2 cm x 7.6 cm), 530 gpm @ 200 psi, 1.25" solid clearance
Vortex: 6" x 3" (15.2 cm x 7.6 cm), 465 gpm @ 150 psi, 3" solid clearance

Discharge Distance
Centrifugal: Up to 368 ft. (112m) from discharge tower
Vortex: Up to 284 ft. (87m) from discharge tower


HydroSeeder Disclaimers
* Based on 1500 lbs. per acre.
** Working weight includes one full load of fiber mulch and water with no stored materials on deck.

Features & Benefits

  • Spraying distances of up to 368 feet from boom
  • Dual booms as an option for spraying on both sides of the unit for hard-to reach areas
  • Hydraulic hose reel with Reel-In and Reel-Out functionality
  • Original Integrinder® bale grinder for faster and more efficient loading
  • Helical designed agitators optimizes material movement within the tank for more efficient mixing and circulation
  • Long-life, low maintenance agitator bearings
  • Interchangeable centrifugal and vortex pump
  • Centralized lubrication/service points for increased unit serviceability
  • Larger gates and open-space design dramatically increases the amount of usable storage space on top of the tank
  • Remote control seamlessly integrated into the unit control system to easily control the pump while working with the hose