Consumables for your FINN Hydroseeder

FINN is more than an equipment manufacturer. We are your total solution using FINN equipment and materials. We offer a wide range of FINN branded consumables (or additives) designed specifically for FINN HydroSeeders and their applications. We also offer Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) products for saving airspace in landfill applications, as well as TRU-Wood and TRU-Blend® hydromulches, blended to optimize your erosion control and hydroseeding projects.

Storm Water Control

For your erosion control filter sock needs, we can supply you with a broad selection of both polypropylene and cotton filter sock. Filter sock (a mesh tube) is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff in places where you might traditionally see silt fence or straw barriers. As it is placed, it is filled with organic filter material using a FINN Material Blower. Filter socks are used to slow or interrupt water runoff on sloped banks preventing erosion.

Where to Purchase

All FINN materials are available for purchase through our dealer network. Click here to find a dealer near you. If you don't have a local consumables dealer, please contact our FINN Materials Master Distributor, FINN All Seasons for assistance.