I switched to Finn from a competitor's machine. Initially I had reservations about the unit not being a gear pump but boy was I wrong!!! My T120 shoots and lays hydromulch smoother and faster than any machine we've ran before. This means more productivity, better results, and more money in my pocket!! I'm a convert - Finn for life!!

PS - They make great Christmas Parade Floats too!!!

Logan Arthur

SDG Hydroseed

Adding our Finn Hydroseeder completely changed the game for our landscape crews. Not only did it make it easier to grow a better lawn, it made the lawn come in faster. Customers love it, our employees love it. We plan on adding a second larger hydroseeder to our fleet in the near future. This is one of our favorite additions to date.

Alex Jacopino

Four One Tree & Landscape LLC

Our Finn T90 and T170 are the back bone of our seeding business. We can always rely on the machines to mix a great slurry and get the job done quickly and effectively. As our business continues to grow we definitely plan on adding more Finn machines...Thank you for a great product!

Jameson Phillips

KJM Landscaping

Finn has produced excellent equipment over the years. Their designs make it very easy to operate and in a growing industry, they become more efficient to get the jobs done.

Mark Sholtis

Our company has been using Finn Hydroseeders since 2009. We started with a T-75 and upgraded to a T-120 stainless front loader in 2017. Recently added a T-30 to put in the back of a dump truck to access rough terrain locations. We did extensive research before purchasing Finn. The hydraulic operation is hands down superior than the competitors. With normal maintenance we have had little to no down time. Front load capabilities makes it easy loading materials from the back of a stake body truck. We will look no further than Finn equipment for all our future upgrades.

Kevin Smith

We have two T330[s], a T90 and T30 and all are great machines never giving us any problems only dependability! Our work goes from residential to highway jobs to having our T330s on active gold mine sites for mine reclamation running around with the big haul trucks and loaders...We’ve put the Finn T330s to the test when it comes to dust control and mix poly fibers, wood fiber...but it’s all worth it to deliver excellent results for years to come with our name behind it and of course Finn equipment that made it possible!

Oscar Carrillo

Ran my first Finn in 1999 and have never looked back. I started my own business in 2005 and we now have a T120 and T330. They are awesome machines!

Kyle McGlone

McGlone Hydroseeding

Thank you for providing our team with a quality built and very efficient peice of equipment.

Matthew Fryer

15 years in business and the t120 has been the workhorse of the company. Thanks to Finn for making a reliable machine.

Josh Stephens

Been using FINN hydroseeders since we started. Currently operational with a T60, T90, T120, T170 and have ordered a T400.

Ashton Currie

Instant Green

This is my 3rd Finn hydro seeder in 30 years Started with a T-60, then moved up to a T-75 and have added a T-90 to the fleet. Great machines

Fred Halldorson