Material Blowers

Material Blowers

Material Blowers

Your profits depend on getting the most productivity from every dollar you spend. You hire people to perform multiple tasks - why shouldn't your equipment do the same? FINN Material Blowers are the most versatile performers you can find, delivering high quality results in landscaping, erosion control, and construction related applications.

With high production bulk material handling and accurate application, your workers can increase productivity up to 700%. And since FINN Material Blowers apply uniform coverage, you’ll achieve material savings of 25% or more.

It is the most versatile worker on the job site – delivering needed materials to hillsides, tough terrain, and all hard-to-reach areas.

Increase Profits Through Multiple Applications

Your FINN Material Blower will keep you busy earning profits with numerous applications, including:

  • Bark / Mulch
  • Soil / Compost
  • Lawn and Sports Field Overseeding
  • Interiorscape Material Application
  • Sediment Control Filter Sock
  • Erosion Control Blankets

FINN Material Blower Features and Benefits

Rotary Airlock
Our exclusive Rotary Airlock conveys a wide variety of bulk materials and particle sizes.
Radio Remote Control
Control feed and discharge rates while spreading, with control panel or radio control.
Dust Suppression
Control dust with the adjustable rate liquid injection system.
Air Pump
High volume, efficient air pump carries bulk material smoothly through the discharge hose.
Electric Tarp
At the flip of a switch, the tarp retracts for loading, and extends for covered transport. (Not available on BB302)
Optional Seed Injector
The optional seed injection system allows for easy blending of seed into compost and soil blends.