Mulch Solutions

FINN TRU-Mulch Winning Customer Approval Everywhere

Experience our reformulated TRU-Mulch for:  

  • Improved consistency & reliability
  • Peak performance from your FINN HydroSeeder®
  • Increased HydroSeeder® productivity
  • Superior seeding and erosion control results

FINN TRU-Mulches are made from high quality virgin woods for use in hydroseeding and erosion control applications.  Also used is an advanced "Double Refining" process, where high pressure steam is used to soften the virgin pine and poplar wood chips before they are put through a second process that refines the wood chips into the long fibers required for effective mechanical cross-linking.

All FINN TRU-Mulch products are:

    • Made from high quality pines and poplars
    • Consistent in fiber size and texture for optimal performance
    • Shipped in easy-to-handle, quick-loading, specially designed UV-resistant 50-pound bags
    • Includes non-toxic green dye to aid in even application and provide instant aesthetic appeal
    • Produced using advanced manufacturing methods
    • Backed by the FINN name and warranty

Please follow the links below for more details on each FINN TRU-Mulch product, as well as downloadable spec sheets, MSDS sheets, certificates of compliance, application rates and other important technical information:

FINN Mulch Products

FINN TRU-Blend is produced from high quality virgin poplar and pine wood chips, blended with clean, recycled paper products, for use in hydroseeding and erosion control applications.
FINN TRU-Wood® is made from high quality virgin and poplar pine chips from the forests of the Eastern United States.