Why Ground Prep Attachments are Key to Sowing New Grass

Mike D

Preparing the ground for hydroseeding or sodding is one of the most important steps in ensuring a beautiful bed of grass. Sometimes overlooked or rushed, this phase ensures the seedbed is optimized for the hydroseeding slurry or sod. Loose, level, debris-free soil is the foundation of a healthy lawn. 

There are four basic steps to preparing the ground for grass seed: clear, loosen, level and rake. Following these guidelines and preparing the top six inches of soil will produce the best results. At minimum, landscapers and lawn business professionals should prepare at least the top four inches.

For development, grass seeds require good soil suitable for the type of seed, sunlight, water, oxygen, minerals, nutrients and protection from weeds. Proper ground preparation will create an environment conducive for growth. To create a seedbed ready to grow grass, be sure to take the following steps to prepare the ground: 

1) Clear the soil

The first step of preparing the ground for grass seed is to clear the soil. The ground should not have any weeds, rocks, sticks or other debris. These materials can make it difficult for grass to develop a strong, healthy root system. In addition, removing these materials also reduces damage risks to your lawn care equipment.      

Scarifiers on FINN ground prep attachments work together with the rake to clear and loosen the soil up to six inches deep. Sometimes known as a dethatcher, these tines dig into the ground to do the hard work.

Ground Prep Attachment
The FINN GT Series Tractor attachment for ground preparation.

While grass or other vegetation can grow in soil with rocks, sticks and other materials, removing as much of the debris provides the best chance for the grass to grow successfully. Removing these items eliminates potential barriers to vegetation growth.

2) Loosen the soil

Hard, compacted soil is not ideal for grass seed because it acts as a barrier to the seed as it attempts to develop roots. Hardpan, which is a dense layer of soil just below the topsoil, is often difficult to loosen. However, it is critical to break up this layer to give vegetation the best opportunity to grow. Working the ground to a depth of six inches into loose, penetrable soil is important as the seed elongates and forms a deep root system.

This phase creates air space in the soil, which is beneficial for the root system, and increases the growth of organic material. Loosening the soil also exposes weeds to be removed and promotes even water distribution and uniform growth of seed and vegetation.

3) Level the soil

Leveling or smoothing the soil makes it easier to apply a hydroseeding slurry or sod. Just like loosening the soil, level soil is beneficial for irrigation, promoting uniform absorption of water and reducing the chance of puddles forming in the seedbed. Level soil also reduces wind and water erosion. Part of leveling the soil is shaping the ground to the contours you want for your finished landscape. FINN ground preparation attachments are ideal for smoothing and leveling the ground.

4) Rake the soil

Raking the soil is the final step and provides the best opportunity for the seed to have contact with the soil, allowing it to germinate and grow. In addition, raking with a slight grade away from any buildings is important in reducing water collecting at the base of buildings.

Make quick work of ground prep

FINN Ground preparation attachments are designed to handle each of these phases: clear, loosen, level and rake with one tool. With FINN, you don’t need a truckload of tools, a FINN Ground Preparation attachment does it all. Available for skid steers, mini skid steers and tractors, ground prep attachments are able to clear terrain, loosen soil and level the field in advance of applying a hydroseeding slurry or sod.

Other uses for ground prep attachments

While ground prep attachments are traditionally used to clear, loosen, level and rake to prepare a seedbed, they can be used for other jobs, as well. Ground prep attachments are also capable of leveling and resurfacing gravel driveways, clearing brush and small trees, grubbing and removing rocks. 

Ground prep attachments are versatile pieces of equipment that provide value to a variety of business types for a range of different purposes.

FINN has ground prep attachments for jobs of all sizes

FINN ground prep attachments are durable, multi-use pieces of equipment designed to clear terrain, level soil and break through the hardpan. With a variety of sizes, models and styles, FINN has ground preparation attachments capable of handling all types of jobs. Each series comes in a pro and regular model.

Both models do the same essential work. The difference lies in how the work is completed. The regular models have manual scarifiers, which require stopping to adjust the depth. On the other hand, the pro models have hydraulic scarifiers, which allow the operator to adjust depth from the driver’s seat and utilize the skid steer’s “float” mode to quickly and consistently level the ground.

FINN ground prep attachments boast several features and benefits, including:

  • Speed: It makes quick work of removing grass, brush, trees and rocks while breaking up and leveling soil.
  • Easy to use: If you can operate a skid steer or tractor, you can use a FINN ground prep attachment.  
  • Durable: FINN ground prep attachments are durable and strong, designed to tackle the toughest situations. From the frame to the foam-filled tires, these are often the toughest tools on a job site.
  • Results: FINN ground prep attachments deliver perfectly graded ground with loosened soil as deep as six inches.
  • Maintenance: The design of many FINN ground prep attachments makes maintenance fast and easy. 
  • Savings: This one tool can clear, loosen, level and rake, allowing you to save space on your trailer, save time by not changing attachments and save money by needing only a single tool that can do it all.

With a ground prep attachment, your job site will be ready for a new bed of grass quickly. Find the right tool for your job by visiting FINN’s Ground Prep Attachment page or by contacting a dealer near you. We’ll help you discover Smarter Ways to Work.

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Why Ground Prep Attachments are Key to Sowing New Grass

April 15, 2021

Ground prep attachments clear terrain, loosen soil and level the field in advance of applying a hydroseeding slurry or sod for a beautiful bed of grass.

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