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All Employees Undergoing Professional Erosion Control Training

FINN Corporation is the market leading manufacturer of HydroSeeders®, Bark Blowers, and Straw Blowers – all machinery used extensively in erosion control applications. FINN has now undertaken a program to formally educate its entire staff about erosion and sediment control, and it’s seen as an investment in the company’s continued success.

“I know of no other company in our industry that has endeavored to train all of its employees on this kind of technical subject and how it relates to our customer base,” said Shawn Casey, FINN President & CEO. “I’m excited about the possibilities and opportunities it could bring to all of us and am hopeful that our employees see this educational opportunity as something for their own professional growth and development.”

On September 11, 2015, all but three FINN corporate employees participated in an all-day erosion and sediment control training program, giving each person a better understanding of their customers’ needs, required machine capabilities, and the support customers need to help them be more successful.

FINN contracted with Michael Harding, CPESC, CESSWI, and one of the leading technical experts in the erosion control and storm water industries, to do the training which consisted of 4 hours of classroom work and 4 hours of field work. This entry-level class will be followed up by two more sessions: the first, a two day workshop that delves into more detailed erosion control principles and practices and the final session is an advanced course that focuses on the requirements to become a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). Some employees may opt out of these last two courses, although sales, engineering, and product support staff are asked to follow through with the entire program.

FINN Corporation is a Cincinnati-area based company that was started in 1935 by Charles Finn. When he invented the first HydroSeeder® in 1953, Finn set the company on a course of innovation that continues to help landscapers and contractors get more productivity while cutting labor and material costs. Today, FINN continues to provide innovative solutions for ground and soil management and strives to make every FINN machine a smarter way to work.