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DHG, Inc. Brings Focus to Brand and Product Management

FINN Corporation, Express Blower, Inc., and FiNN All Seasons Experience Change

Fairfield, OH  (June 5, 2017):   DHG, Inc., the owner of the FINN, Express Blower, and FiNN All Seasons brands, is dedicated to increasing  market share, expanding market opportunities, and improving customer relations. Significant inroads have been made with these initiatives during the past three years. Now, DHG is bringing more internal focus to the marketing and promotion activities, as well as to brand and product management. Towards these goals, the following adjustments have been made effective June 1:

Greg Lee – DHG, Inc. Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service has formally assumed responsibility for all sales, marketing, customer support, and new product development for the company’s Express Blower brands in addition to his current responsibilities for FINN and FiNN All Seasons. Express Blower (EB) has a strong legacy product line and has developed several new products that will help increase its leadership position in the marketplace. EB continues to work directly with end users of its equipment and will build upon the progress created by the current EB sales and marketing team.  Lee, who has been with DHG since 2014, has strategic and operational responsibility for all DHG, Inc. sales, marketing, product management, customer service, and FiNN All Seasons operations.

Matt Hoffman – Current FINN Corporation Director of Dealer Development has been promoted to the newly created position of Executive Director for FINN Sales, Marketing, and Product Management.  Hoffman continues to report to Greg Lee and is responsible for managing FINN’s dealers, FINN sales and marketing programs including product management, and the development of innovative ideas for product improvement and introduction. He has successfully guided the growth of the FINN dealer channel since 2014 and is focused on managing current sales opportunities, managing the future of FINN products, and creating additional sales opportunities through the existing FINN sales channels.