Disinfecting Spraying in Argentina


FINN COVID-19 Response

We recently learned that our HydroSeeder® products are being used to assist in disinfecting public spaces, including playground equipment, benches, handrails, parks, streets, store frontage, etc. Like many organizations during this time, we want to use our expertise and products to support communities in any way we can as we all work together to address the COVID-19 health crisis.

Around the middle of March, we received a call from our Finn Dealer in Argentina asking for any information we had related to spraying disinfectants through our equipment. This was a new application for us; however, we could easily see how a HydroSeeder would be an ideal way to cover a large area very quickly, with just about any liquid, even disinfectants. We explained to the dealer that we had no test data to show how these disinfectant chemicals would react to our equipment, but that we were confident that the equipment could do the job.

Finn HydroSeeders are being used in communities around the world to help disinfect public spaces. Because they can significantly accelerate the time it takes to sanitize larger areas, these products are serving a particularly important role during this crisis. We wanted to share this potential alternate use of our equipment for public good.

Some of the potential advantages of using a HydroSeeder this application are:

  • With a network of more than 200 worldwide dealer locations, FINN HydroSeeders® are held in stock and readily available.
  • HydroSeeders come in sizes from 300 to 4,000 gallons and may be towed or mounted to a chassis. This means smaller units can go down smaller streets or alleys to reach tighter spaces, and larger equipment is ideal for larger or more open spaces.
  • The paddle system can effectively agitate or “mix” a combination of liquids and materials with different viscosities. This agitation can uniformly dilute additives in water.
  • A HydroSeeders can spray liquids from its tower over long distances or through hoses for close work.

With this in mind, FINN is not an expert source on various disinfectants, their health risks to people or the environment, nor the effectiveness of various liquids in disinfecting. We strongly urge municipalities or businesses to consult with local officials and experts on the use of these liquids.

To assist, however, below is a link from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency providing confirmed disinfectants to use against COVID-19.