BB1208 Bark & Mulch Blower

BB1208 Bark & Mulch Blower
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Two operators can easily apply up to 22 cubic yards of bark mulch per hour

BB1208 Bark & Mulch Blower - John Deere 115hp diesel engine

The FINN BB1208 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. The BB1208, with 8.2 cubic yard capacity provide high efficiency mulch application capabilities for landscape maintenance companies and mulch suppliers. Whether you are looking to convey heavier materials, like stone, or just accommodate larger jobsites with speed and accuracy, the BB1208 or BB1216 is just the FINN Bark Blower you need.


    • BB1208, with 8.2 cubic yard capacity allows for blowing a greater variety of bulk material, even high moisture content is handled with ease
    • John Deere 125hp diesel engine providing exceptional power to the blower
    • Reduces material cost from 20% to 40% by breaking up material clumps and producing an even mulch spreading pattern, with fine particles on top
    • Mulch is propelled utilizing a specially engineered air lock system through various lengths of durable 4” flexible hose, for application up to 300’ away
    • Remote controls allow operator to control power and material flow from an operating distance
    • Standard liquid injection system, hot air lead hose and electric tarp
    • Standard 200’ hose comes with the unit, optional 50’ sections available
    • Standard convenient hose reel allowing operators to efficiently start and complete each application with ease
    • Blower, airlock and hydraulic functions are exclusive to FINN design


The BB1208 Bark Blower is perfect for the large mulching projects such as residential and commercial mulch beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds, amusement parks, sports field overseeding, erosion control/berms, mall interiorscapes, and other applications that require precise placement of bulk materials.

With the versatile BB1208 you can do professional quality mulching, slopes, erosion control, overseeding, soil/compost, and a number of other profitable applications. Mulch can be applied on virtually any terrain, even in wet conditions.

As the world leader for over 80 years in the design and manufacture of innovative, quality equipment for the green industry, FINN is committed to your complete satisfaction.